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For the ultimate in convenience, choose onsite calibration services from alfanar Calibration Laboratory(ACL).

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Onsite Calibration


Our coordinators handle all aspects of onsite calibration services, from scheduling to document delivery. Our qualified and experienced field service calibration technicians answer all your instrument related questions.

High-quality onsite calibration services from ACL
  • Eliminate instrument downtime and the need for spares
  • Minimize interruptions to your manufacturing process
  • Ensure you'll have no questions about where your instruments are or when they will be returned
  • Allow you to schedule all your calibration services at once or periodically throughout the year
Our onsite calibration capabilities include

Electrical, Mechanical, Dimensional, Temperature chamber, Mass, Torque, Pressure, vacuum Force, Surface plates, Centrifuges Balances, scales, Incubators Hardness testers, Autoclaves Room temperature etc…

About Us

alfanar Calibration Laboratory is a well-equipped electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment calibration, repair and maintenance center to guarantee accurate test results.

Our Contacts

P.O. Box 86544, Riyadh 11632, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

T: +966 920 006 111 Service enquiries: 4299, 4295, 4296
Sales enquiries: +966 504943042; 564413353
F: + 966 11 494 5474